A good business starts from A design

We will design a logo for your business that you will love -100% Satisfaction guaranteed!

On this page you will find examples of some designs and some facts that will impress.

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What would a brand be without a good logo design? The logo is the most recognizable mark of the brand and often presents itself more than it might seem at a first glance.

If you are starting a business and want to create a timeless brand – or if you already have a business whose image needs a breath of freshness – contact our project designers who will create a project that carries more than just words contained in your logo.

The logo is the most important element of the image of your company. The logo must therefore distinguish you from the competition and be something more than a description in a nice form. We will design a logo that will be symbolic and carry many associations, despite the simplicity and elegance.

We inspire each project individually and with great commitment. By completing our quote form – you will receive a free, non-binding quote for the logo design for your company. We invite you to work with us!

What are the characteristics of logos which screw profits?

Here are 3 proven components of logo designs from Vessto.


Easily remembered by
your new clients.


Positively distinguished amongst
the crowd of your competition.


A sign that will not need to be
refreshed every 5, 10, or 20 years.

Do you want to attract new customers with a mature brand whose competition will envy you?

In a moment, thousands of people will access your business with one look. Your new company logo will become the focal point of your business cards, websites, and brochures.
It will affect how your current customers, new employees and business partners see you. The company logo will tell the story of your business at times when you will not be around. At Vessto, we believe that a good logo should work as hard as you. See below on how we accomplish this task.

Vessto Logotype

The logo design will be finished
until you are 100% satisfied.

Perfect symbolism.
We do not use ready graphics.

Mature, unique typography.
We do not use trite fonts.

Consistent visual identification.
This will make you stand out from
the competition

At Vessto, we understand that the business task of the logo is to increase the profits of your company. We have already completed several projects, it’s time for you to have your own unique business logo!

Though you do not know for 100% yet how the perfect logo of your company looks like, but you will know it for 100% when you see it.

At Vessto, we understand that creating a logo is first and foremost the right fit. Adapting to your needs and expectations. Adapting to business ideas and the environment. Finally, fit to all design elements that make the brand recognizable. See what exactly you get.

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What I will receive?

We will create a mature brand for you that customers will recognize even when they will not be able to see its logotype. See exactly what you will receive.


Excellent logo design that you'll be proud of.

We always present the whole spectrum of inspiration and attractive concepts, from which a solution tailored to the needs and expectations is created. A sign that makes the right impression and is easily remembered.


Logo Guide for a better understanding of the meaning

We want you to use your logo in accordance with the rules. It is very important to always keep the right proportions and colors to the guidelines. The logo represents your company, and your clients associate it with you.


Files for special tasks, that range from engraving, networking, and printing.

Engraving, embroidery or a huge large format printout. With a set of professional files you receive from us, you can act freely and quickly. All vector files (curves) and raster files.


100% satisfaction guaranteed.
No quantitative change limits.

It’s simple – we want you to be successful. Therefore, if you want to see additional changes in your project, we will simply do it – without counting the offer, without any extra charges! That’s how our Satisfaction Guarantee works.

Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that’s why it is so complicated.

Paul Rand

How Does It Work?

If you like this creative atmosphere of understanding prevailing in small businesses, then in Vessto you will feel at home. Cooperation with us is as simple as a piece of cake.

1. idea


Fill out a simple online questionnaire.
It will only take 10 minutes.

2. planing


With us, every good project
was once a good plan.

3. implementation

We work until you’re proud!

90% of the work will be done for you for 50% of the price.

The second half will be settled only when you are fully satisfied with all the effects of our work.

What if I do not like the proposals?

Be calm. Our questionnaire allows our designers to create exactly the aesthetics of the projects you expect without a failure! Even if the presented concepts do not gain your recognition, we will talk about it and create new projects. Up to full satisfaction.

How long does the process take and how do I start my project?

We close the projects within a few days, but on average creating a logo with a guarantee of success takes about two weeks. To start working together, let us know when you are ready. After posting the first deposit and gathering the necessary information, we get to work. You will see the first concept in 5 days.

The first concepts will arrive in 5 days?

How do we evaluate projects?

You can feel safe! We will not rest until we create projects that will suit you 100%.

You will feel the results of this decision every day in the coming years.

We value the creation of the logo and we will work around with any budget. The needs of the company and of our clients are so different that only the quality is the only thing that is not negotiable.

Would you like to know the ideal offer for your business? Let’s talk about your project today.

stages of


Discussion of the project

After meeting, we define the most important aspects of the project. The information collected will allow us to precisely define your expectations and direction of work.

Presentation of the price offer and completion date

We provide you with the price for the overall project so you know how much you will spend. What separates us from the competition? We have no hidden costs/fees.

Sign a contract or make an advanced payment

An advance payment will be 50% of the total project amount. 

Project Design

With the previously collected information, we will do research on the market industry and your competition. Our team will then develops several concepts that we will present to you for acceptance.


If you have remarks on the concepts presented, we will work with you until you are fully satisfied. 


After accepting the selected project, the order is completely settled and the set of graphic files is transferred in the following formats: .cdr, .ai, .eps, .pdf, .tif, .jpg, .png

Let’s Start a Project Together

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There are certain questions we like to ask a client prior to beginning the logo design process. It may seem like a long list but it is helps us to know what our client needs and expects from their finished logo/branding. It also helps to clarify our client’s vision for their business branding.

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Choose colors you would like to have in your Logo

Choose as many as you feel describe your company:

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Existing or previous design to aid in development (eg. logo, flyer, etc)

Examples of designs you would like us to use for inspiration.

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There are certain questions we like to ask a client prior to beginning the logo design process. It may seem like a long list but it is helps us to know what our client needs and expects from their finished logo/branding. It also helps to clarify our client’s vision for their business branding.

Tell Us About


(Difficult but vital!)

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Now, tell us a little bit about your budget and the preferred time you need your logo to be done?

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The final estimated price is :


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