E-mail Marketing


Strategy | Creation | Results

E-mail Marketing


Strategy | Creation | Results

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We audit your email marketing

  • We analyze the process of acquiring new subscribers
  • We study mailing templates for the best design practices
  • We evaluate the synergy of e-mail marketing with other communication channels

Mailing database - we are working on its effective development

  • We prepare effective forms and pop-ups that will increase the number of entries to your newsletter
  • We recommend their placement and frequency of display, in order to optimize their effectiveness
  • We prepare extensive welcome campaigns for new recipients (we do it once and they will make money for you all the time!)

We get to know your subscribers and divide them into segments

  • We segment the base based on declarative, behavioral and transactional data
  • We carry out the RFM analysis of the customer base
  • We develop persona, segments and groups of subscribers and clients (the basis of effective communication!)

On this basis, we prepare offers and creations

  • We design graphic creations of your mailings and newsletters
  • We encode them in HTML
  • We implement dynamic content in sales campaigns
  • We personalize your newsletters
  • We work with your product managers when choosing an offer
  • We come up with news topics, catchwords and call to action buttons

We test the adopted communication strategy

  • We carry out A / B tests of message topics, sender name, creatives, days and time of shipments
  • We carry out spam tests (deliverability is the foundation of e-mail marketing!)
  • We run display tests (your newsletter will not “fall apart” in any of the mailboxes)
  • We compare the results, analyze them and thus choose consciously the most effective solutions

We implement recommendations and automation

  • We create recommendation widgets for your website
  • We design and set the so-called messages on the abandoned cart and abandoned browsing (a guaranteed way to improve turnover from the newsletter)
  • We automate repetitive stages of communication with your recipients

We watch over all your e-mail marketing

  • We care about good deliverability of messages (we cooperate with e-mail marketing systems and mailbox providers)
  • We create a calendar of holidays, in which it is worth to send additional mailings (did you know that – for example – a properly prepared campaign on the occasion of Women’s Day can earn an average of 300% more for you?)
  • We prepare messages in various languages (Polish, Spanish … no problem!)
  • We help in choosing the right e-mail marketing system (we choose the one with the desired functionality and at the same time at the lowest possible price) …
  • … and we contact him on your behalf
  • We implement campaigns with any frequency – from one a month to even 4 a week (if you want, we will check what frequency will be the best for your business)
  • We create and optimize pages with messages (thank you pages, pages before and after the discharge)
    from the newsletter etc.)

Your e-mail marketing will be as effective as never before!

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