Marketing Strategy

Comprehensive analysis of the company’s operations and consultancy in the preparation of the strategy.

Nowadays, every company, regardless of its size or industry, in which it operates must develop a strategy of presence and competitiveness on the market, which consists of informing about its products / services, promoting operations and sales strategy. This means that every company must develop a marketing strategy.

We offer a comprehensive analysis of the company’s operations and consultancy in the preparation of the strategy. You can also entrust us with a comprehensive planning of the marketing strategy and implementation of all its elements.


Currently, private brands and enterprises face challenges related to the need to communicate the value of their products and services. We would like to help you professionally in this challenge.

What is Marketing Strategy

This is a strictly defined, visualized and detailed description of the creative concept of the new brand – its character, appearance, features, values ​​- along with the determination of actions aimed at positioning the brand in the minds of the target group and the recommendation of channels and communication tools.

Each brand must be prepared to compete for the client’s mind – for his attention, curiosity and time.

Marketing Strategy is the first and the most important action aimed at determining what qualities should be created by the brand to clearly stand out, become memorable and achieve the set goals – eg increase sales, attract new customers.

And how to show these qualities in the sphere of brand communication – what should the logo look like, what colors should the brand have, what type of design to master, what language to speak to target groups, where to speak to your client and many, many other things.


Benefits of the Marketing Strategy

Our offer to create a Marketing Strategy for your product or service includes:

Analysis of the target group

Determination of demographic and psychographic characteristics of key target groups of the brand, analysis of needs and expectations, creation of “brand maps” for individual groups of recipients.

Analysis of current trends and fashions

Identifying how market trends and trends can support the brand’s development. Determining how to prepare such a brand for avoiding threats resulting from the market / competitive situation.

Analysis of competition

In which we precisely define the identity of competitive brands from a given market sector and their image, as well as analyze what fields of marketing communication exploits competition and which communication niches leave free.

Identification of the brand's character

By defining the unique qualities of the brand, as well as defining, by identifying the identity and unique attributes of the brand – the main one, and determining what values, beliefs, images and sounds the brand is supposed to associate with. At this stage, we also define brand identity for individual target groups.

Naming - creating a brand name

Which will best reflect the character of the brand. We present 3-4 names to choose from along with a thorough analysis of each name (linguistic, SWOT) and the current name. At this stage, we also advise you whether to use the tagline and how it should sound.

Assumptions of visual identification

Determining what visual qualities a brand should have in order to achieve its goals (distinction from the competition, matching trends, preferences of target groups, etc.). We suggest choosing the right brand pattern, total branding strategy, symbolism ready to be used in the logotype, colors, fonts, etc.

Developing contexts of brand use

Defining in which life contexts the brand and values to which it appeals (as well as benefits or promises) are to remind the target group, as well as defining how the target groups should use the brand, where, when, with whom, etc.

Development of brand contact points with the target group

Definition of both typical communication points / channels (website, television, radio) as well as non-standard points: ambient, viral ads, etc., which aim to achieve set goals per brand target group.

Assumptions of verbal communication

Developing a unique language that the brand will use, by defining allowed and disallowed styles, keys, stylistic means, vocabulary, etc. Help in understanding are examples of messages that the brand can release to the market (press, radio, TV, social media entries , topics and headlines for the blog, etc.).

Developing a brand positioning strategy

Choosing the right strategies depending on the market situation, competition activities and target groups. Analysis of typical and unusual forms of positioning of the brand and its sub-brands, determination of their advantages and disadvantages.

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