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We help run your business’ social media accounts as well as help support your advertising campaigns. We care about the communication that a company has with their followers. We help build a community and increase sales for your company.

Social Media Agency

Social media is the oxygen for your business in the world of internet marketing. Without having oxygen, your business will not survive in the social media era that we live in today. As a Social Media Agency, we help you bring your company’s brand to life. We work with you to promote your company and accomplish your company’s goal to interact with your followers.

Running a Facebook Fanpage

Having a professional Facebook fanpage is an essential asset for every company.

Our social media agency works with you to create an image on social media that will increase your company’s visibility on the internet and at the same time acquiring new customers.

Brand awareness plays an essential role when it comes to customers making their purchasing decisions. Customers feel the need to identify with your brand, and we work with you to make sure your brand gets noticed.

Running Your Instagram Profile

Instagram is a very important asset to the social media strategy for many companies around the world. An activity that will help gain new customers and increase sales is making sure you remain active on Instagram.

While using Instagram, it is essential that you have a visual message that you want to share with your followers. It is important that you remain consistent with your brand’s activities as it resonates with your followers. 

It is essential that your company remains active on Instagram as that will help acquire new followers and help build your brand’s image.

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We create an individual social media strategy


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We will provide you with periodic performance reports

Social Media


Although communication in social media can be conducted freely and gives the impression of spontaneous, every good post is the work of a team of specialists – a copywriter, an internet marketing specialist and an analyst. Before we start working on social profiles, we are well prepared for it. See what steps we are taking to prepare effective communication on social media:


The essence of marketing in social media is to establish relationships with users. For a relationship to be effective, it must be based on an authentic message and similar values. We prepare a posting strategy that will contain information about your company, products and services, and at the same time will be interesting for your potential customers.

Social media is an important channel for gaining customers. The aim of our activities is to obtain sales by building the company’s image, efficient communication and publication of valuable content. However, depending on your needs, we also build a brand image, an employer or an image of an expert.



We define the target group, analyze your offer, evaluate what has already been done as part of social media and narrow the thematic area of activities. We also define in which area the image building will be most needed to achieve the chosen goal. On this basis, we also select social channels that will bring the best results.

We create interesting content related to your business, and then we promote it in the form of interesting entries in social media – photos, infographics, short video.



We engage users and establish dialogue with them. We encourage them to visit the site and visit your stationary store or service point. We speak on your behalf in thematic groups and under industry posts, building not only relations, but also the image of an expert.

Testing the effectiveness of activities and adjusting the strategy depending on the needs and interests of users, but still guided by the most important goal – sales.


Social Media Campaign?


We are convinced about the effectiveness of our service. That is why our offer of website positioning does not require a long-term contract.

“Our clients choose us because they want to and not because they have to.”


Frequently asked questions - FAQ section

The number of entries depends on the package chosen, budget, and the number of hours we can devote to the service.

Yes, running a fanpage also includes creating graphic designs. Their amount and complexity depends on the plan chosen. Also we can offer graphic design subscription plan for social media.

The budget is set individually depending on your goals. The goal may be sales, conversion, acquiring fans, likes, etc. The budget also depends on the geographical reach and popularity of the industry.

Yes, but this is not always the optimal solution. In justified cases, we set up and manage groups in social media.

The amount of time we can devote to individual projects depends on the selected package and your expectations and objectives.

We serve clients from all over the world, although most are based in the US. In the matter of foreign markets – we run FB dedicated to Polish-speaking users.

We will prepare statements containing the use of the budget and the goals achieved. We calculate the costs of achieving individual goals. The report may also contain non-standard profile data.

We use analytical tools, including Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager. Reporting tools, including Google Data Studio, graphical tools, including Corel, Photoshop and Illustrator, and more.

The publication plan is set together with the client and is accepted by the client at the beginning of the billing period. Depending on preferences, plans are created on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Depending on the client’s preferences, running a fanpage may include responding to comments. Agency SEO campaigns offering Internet marketing adjusts the scope of activities individually to the needs.

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