Corporate photography is photos of employees photographed in the same light, usually on a uniform background.

Corporate photography – employee portraits and their personality traits should support the image of the organization. Competences associated with a company or brand are in part competences that should be confirmed in the image of its employees. Company employees or board members should be portrayed in a way that emphasizes their personality and character, but at the same time homogeneous enough to emphasize their affiliation and identification with the team.

Good corporate photography can effectively affect your clients so that this happens, you have to meet two conditions:


We want to take part in it, ask for costs

From the offer to the prepared graphic material

How do we work for companies? A corporate session.

If you send us an inquiry, you’ll receive a corporate session valuation within 24 hours. Once you get us involved in your project

On the day of the photo session, we will be on the spot an hour before the start of the photo. We set the optimal lighting of the set – one for all people, so that the photographic material is homogeneous. There is always a make-up artist with us who also takes care of hair and the appearance of clothes. A good atmosphere on the set – shows the naturalness of the portrayed – it is really our product – we sell naturalness and honesty. Do not take our word for it – see this naturalness in our pictures. We work efficiently, appreciating and respecting the time you spend on photos. On average, we need 30 minutes for a person (no make-up), and we can photograph up to 16 people a day in this mode

We bring thousands of photos from a corporate session – on average, over a hundred per person, it is much too much to choose something from them without the help of photo management tools that we have at our disposal. Therefore, although all photos from the session always belong to the client – we will make the initial selection – choosing approximately 30% of the best. Selected photos from the session will be available on the day of the session. The selection will still be very wide. At this stage, we ask that the client chooses photos that we will prepare graphically. As a rule, this is the longest stage in the process.

Professional photography does not actually exist without the computer processing of photos – and corporate photos are no exception. When you send us the numbers of images selected for processing, thanks to the skillful treatments in the Lightroom and Photoshop, the photos will get the final atmosphere. We correct the outline of the figure, remove unnecessary elements of the composition, “iron the clothes”, and improve the complexion. We are natural. We need a week to process selected photos.

Along with the transfer of the prepared corporate photos you get full copyright for their use in all fields (with the exception of advertising), with no time limits and territorial restrictions. Thanks to them, press publications, websites, folders, catalogs, and annual reports will gain a lot. It will gain your good image. We will store your photos and if you ever lost them – we will have them. After the whole process, which if you quickly choose your photos – it can take only 8 days, we issue a invoice with a 14-day payment.

We capture naturalness - corporate photography

The most important element of the corporate picture is the expression of the model’s face and attitude. An insincere smile or gesture of uncertainty, destroys the intended image effect. Many people do not like to photograph themselves and take photos with a distance and during the photo session I do not feel comfortable – it is a frequent and natural feeling. Also during corporate photos. Nevertheless, despite the time pressure, we break barriers, crush ice cream, make excellent contact, gain trust of the person portrayed and as a result we get great image results.

Corporate pictures - what benefits does the customer have?

  • corporate photos are less than an hour (with a make-up) per person dedicated to creating an image that will represent you well in the coming years,
  • during the day we can portray up to 16 people at your company’s office,
  • we make a professional make-up for photos,
  • we put emphasis on naturalness and friendly emotions expressed by facial expressions,
  • we improve the appearance of clothes and hair,
  • a portrayed person can choose the best photos of his own, which we will prepare graphically for publication in the process of meticulous graphic post-production.

Session valuation rules - corporate photography

We evaluate each session of this type individually.
What affects the price of corporate photography:

  • How many people will participate in the planned corporate session
  • how many photos graphically prepared per person you need
  • Is the session to be carried out in one day or several?
  • distance of the location from Chicago, or Palm Springs,
  • preferred session date

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