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How to build company image?

In our opinion, being active and visible is now very important for companies. With our team, we brainstormed and looked at the most popular activities of our clients are currently taking to strengthen their brand!

Social Media (organic approach)

By regularly adding information, you ensure visibility and communication with your target group – take care of interesting and helpful posts. Notify about changes in the company.

Social Media (advertising)

If you will run advertising on social media, you can easily reach people who haven’t heard of you yet. By choosing the right target, the number of people willing to choose your services or products.

Company Website

The first impression count the most. Your homepage should notice your potential customer what your business can do and lead your prospect to the contacts section. 

Google Ads

PPC means that you pay only if someone clicks on your ad, thanks to narrow keywords and appropriate targeting, you can easily attract people who are actually looking for your services or products to your site.


Each portal with reviews, e.g. Google maps, Yelp, and Facebook generates a link that you can send to your customers for more reviews. If you get more positive reviews, the more people will be convinced to use your services. It is very important to take care about the relation with your customers.

Google Maps

Regularly adding information, photos, posts, promotions on your Google MyBusiness profile will improve your results on Google, because Google maps very often appears at the top in standard search results.

Webinars, Live videos, Podcasts

Many people prefer watching and listening instead of reading. By communicating in this way, you’ll reach more people and keep their attention for much longer.

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