Social Media - The Tool for Your Business

Boost Business Reach and Engagement With Social Media

Social media gives you more than a platform for making new friends and sharing memes. As business owner or independent professional doing business online, it gives you the opportunity to market to the largest groups of interested consumers found today. You can get more customers and clients through social media for a lower cost if you strategize correctly.

More than 40% of the world’s populationis on one social media platform or another. With literally billions of people with buying power congregated on just a few top platforms, the idea that you can get more clients through social media is obvious.

Choose the Best Social Media Platforms for Your Business

After understanding the awesome power of social media marketing, now comes the time to decide where to focus your energy and investment. Not only do sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest ebb and flow, they also attract different demographics of people. Who does your company target?

In the United States alone, 90% of young adults use social media every month. Almost 50% of people nearing retirement age do, too. However, their preferred platforms differ. Out of all social sites, Facebook still corners the bulk of the market share and daily traffic numbers. To the younger crowd, it is already considered their parents’ platform, however.

Facebook For Business

Over 1.5 billion people use Facebook every single day. If you market to established adults, this is the social media platform you cannot ignore. Having an account, posting regularly, and responding to follower questions is just the first step to attract more interest to your brand.

Create a business page on Facebook. This gives you a combination business card and bulletin board for sharing information with people who like the page. Add an eye-catching header photo, the correct NAP used for your company, and an optimized description. Create a powerful Call to Action to get people to your website or subscribing to your list.

Then, how do you use your page to get more attention?

Building an Instagram Presence

Businesses get a lot of attention on Instagram with 50% of users followingone or more. In order to improve your company reach with this popular social media platform, first sign up with a business email and information. After filling in all pertinent information, remember to switch to a business profile.

Since Instagram is photo-centric, you need to carefully collect high-quality images that represent or showcase your products and services well. However, this is not a place to simply post things for people to buy.

What are top quality options for company-specific IG posts?

Remember to include optimized captions and comments, link your Instagram to the company website and other social media pages, and interact with other pages of interest.

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The Power of Pinterest

If your business targets young, wealthy adults, you cannot ignore the power of Pinterest. It is especially important for brands that target womenas they make up nearly 80% of Pinterest users. Any company interested in grabbing the attention of one of the largest buying powers in the world should take notice. 

Pinterest has its own marketing workshop that makes sense if you want to bring your business there. They also include a powerful analytics system so you can track how each post performs.

How do you create pins that gain popularity and help your business?

LinkedIn Marketing Methods

For companies who operate in the B2B world, LinkedIn offers a wealth of opportunity to market effectively. This social media giant focuses on professional connections rather than consumer-centric posts about cookie recipes, fashion, and favorite pastimes. Also, LinkedIn includes the largest percentage of international userswith the top four being the UAE, UK, Netherlands, and Singapore.

Launch your company page on LinkedIn with appropriate business name, contact information, professional logo, description, and links to your website and other pages. The content you choose to post here should focus on news, current interest stories, and attention-grabbing, informative long articles. Don’t forget optimized headlines and images. Include offers or CTAs with every one.

Both quality and quantity matter. LinkedIn recommends at least ten articles before you start expecting traffic. Improve this with the new versions of the site’s Matched Audiences ad system. Since this site is indeed one of the popular social media platforms, remember to get social. Connect with other professionals, network business opportunities, and join industry-specific groups or start your own.

Is LinkedIn really effective?


The short answer is: Yes.

As with any marketing efforts, a focus on social media includes interesting, eye-catching, and optimized content alongside a real person-to-person connection. These remain the most important aspects of any type of advertising for products or services. Social media platforms, which represent the fastest growing sites online for connecting to consumers, allow for precision targeting, effective SEO including back link building, and leveraging the power of your target audience to boost your reach to expanded markets.

The biggest winner here is that 93% of B2B marketers feel that LinkedIn is the best place to win leads.

And 64% of corporate website visits originate on LinkedIn.

That’s a lead generation magnet.

But despite those positive statistics, LinkedIn has largely flown under the radar in terms of finding B2B leads.

Why is that?

The simple answer is that other studies haven’t been so optimistic.

In data gathered by HubSpot, social media as a whole wasn’t the biggest source of company leads.

But social media is part of a well-rounded lead generation strategy.

And of all the social platforms, LinkedIn consistently performs the best for B2B lead generation.


More than 80% of social leads for B2B are generated on LinkedIn:

So while social media overall isn’t great for lead generation if you’re a B2B company, strategically positioning yourself can provide a steady stream of leads.

Yes, that includes Facebook, Google +, Pinterest, and the ever-popular Twitter.

But as you can see, it still falls short of inside sales, blogging, and even telemarketing as a source of lead generation. But that doesn’t mean it’s not useful.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite!

Determine your target audience based on demographic and interest categories. Choose the right social media platforms that attract similar people. Then, come up with a comprehensive plan and schedule for all of your activity there. New posts, likes and pins, networking and even paid ad placement allow you to make the most of the surging popularity of social media access and marketing around the world.

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