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Photography is more than a photo

Advertising photography goes beyond simply taking pictures of goods to be sold, it involves showing these goods in the most attractive way such that when the audience sees these pictures, they are moved to purchase said goods.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, while this is true in any way you look at it, when it comes to advertising, photography plays a major role in this regard. The link between advertising and photography has been in existence for almost a hundred years since a photograph was first used to inform an audience in an effort to resonate with them.

People generally tend to be more distracted by a catchy image, rather than mere printed words, this is why stop signs are painted bold red to catch our attention, it is not the “STOP” printed on the sign, it is actually the color and shape of the sign that hold our attention. It is on this same principle that advertising photography is based.

Impact on audience feelings

FedEx – Creative Advertising – 2007

In any advertising campaign targeted towards any audience, however large or small, the first point the audience will notice is the sight. The images incorporated into an advertising campaign play a major role in the first impression the campaign has on the audience. A good example of this can be FedEx advertising. People tend to connect and form emotional bonds with certain elements within a picture, it could be the nostalgic feeling they get when they see a picture that reminds them of home. It could be the warm feeling of family and friends celebrating. Whatever it is, these feelings are conveyed mainly through pictures.

What is a key to standing out in a sea of ads

Advertising photos are part of our everyday life, they are all around us, on billboards, in brochures, on the cover of magazines, on our cell phone and computer screens and even on television. Because humans are very visual by nature, we are a lot more attracted to pictures, colors. Patterns and shapes. This is why pictorial advertisements, especially colorful and elegant ones tend to bring in a lot more purchases than mere words. This trait is also reflected in consumption of online content. Articles and posts that have pictures often get more clicks than plain content where the author just prints words.

People are drawn to beauty, elegance and grace, and only with pictures can your convey these feeling to your audience. A good photo can mean the difference between a successful ad campaign and a huge disastrous flop.

Nowadays, the average consumer is exposed to thousands of ads a day and they are a lot less impressionable. The first response a consumer has to an ad is to ignore, so, out of thousands of ads the consumer receives in a day, he or she may purchase one or none at all. The key to standing out in a sea of ads is to shine your unique qualities from the get go.

Be different than the competition

Your ad must make a strong impression enough to be retained in the mind of the consumer, that is of course after it has drawn and held their attention long enough to make them read the attached content.  Capturing this focus requires much more than just a picture casually taken on a cell phone, it takes the skill of a specialist to create a picture that will hold the audience’s attention.

While it is easier to just use stock photos to promote your products, it is not so rewarding. Due to the large number of ads in circulation these days, audiences can now spot a stock photo and will likely just ignore such an advertisement. In order to attract a wider audience, the photos in your ad campaign should be unique to your business alone. 

Photography Modes

Attracting audiences for your businesses can be done using a wide range of photography modes. We shall examine a few key aspects.

Product Photography

With the right images, you can showcase all the strong qualities your product offers which will attract the attention of your audience. It is important that your pictures reflect the important features of the product so as to ensure maximum impact on your audience.

Food Photography

It is essential that the consumer sees the product, the visual appeal is the first step to appreciating food. If the consumers don’t like what they see, they are never going to buy it. This is why most fast foods places have their walls covered in the most graphic pictures of their products.

Lifestyle Photography

Your photographs need to be able to persuade the customer that they need what you are selling. The images should show a lifestyle that the audience wants and also convey the message that they can have this lifestyle through what you offer.

Services Photography

When a consumer looks at a well-designed image, it should tell them that the services offered will make them feel better. The images should send the message to the consumer that they will feel special and fulfilled.

Packaging of the Product

Advertising your products requires a perfect product photograph to place in front of your audience and on the packaging of the product, because that is what the consumer will see first, it is therefore very important to ensure that the picture depicts all the qualities your product offers. Check our offer for Packaging of the Product and Label Design.

Stand out with unique advertising photo

It is quite important to note that when you fully own your pictures, that is, the pictures you use to advertise your products and services were created by a professional photographer hired by you, solely for the purpose of advertising your products and services, you automatically set yourself apart in terms of quality and uniqueness. You will convey a certain top notch status to your audience, this will make your audience trust the quality of your products and services more and attract a wider audience for your business. 

The quality of photos you use to advertise your products and services directly influences the number of clients you will attract, hence it very important to use only high quality, unique pictures when advertising products and services.

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