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We will convert online fans into real customers!

Social media is an invaluable potential, and our team knows how to use it properly.

We will not only build the image of your brand and interest in it, but most of all comprehensively deal with Facebook, we will develop an effective way of communication and a creative concept of achieving business goals.

By entrusting us with the management of the profile, you can be sure that we will take care of your brand from A to Z through the entire social media alphabet.

Running a Facebook Page

Facebook is one of the most popular social platforms. It is also an excellent marketing tool for small and large companies.

Over 2.271 billion users use Facebook. This is a huge group of people, including your clients. As a social media agency, we know how to gain their attention, build trust and transform the user into a customer, which in turn will translate into an increase in your company’s sales. Running a Facebook fanpage is our specialty.

Social media marketing

Increase sales

Creative activities in social media and advertising campaigns translate into increased sales of products and services. Properly configured ad achieves high conversion rate and ROI.

Building brand awareness

We will make people love your brand and use its services again. Building awareness is an important process through which you will increase customer loyalty and gain their trust.

Promotion in social media

By running your company’s social media, you present its offer to a wide range of people. The profile on Facebook it is like your website where you encourage customers to buy your products or services.

creating business facebook page

Subscription plans





Your company needs to build the desired image. You will gain credibility and let you get to know each other better. Your profile will be updated regularly.

You run a business and want to be active in social media and effectively use their opportunity. To acquire new customers and recognition.

You sell online and your main goal is to increase your store’s turnover. You want to attract new customers, keep present, or reclaim those who have abandoned their baskets.





Creating an account or configuring the current one

Set a page template to identify industry

A dedicated account guardian

Unique Graphic Design

Creating posts / professional copywriting

Running paid campaigns Facebook ADS

Developing a communication strategy / action plan

Post schedule

Acquiring new fans

Contest Giveaways

Analysis of the sales structure, on this basis, the selection of advertising forms

Configuration of the Facebook Store

Moderation of comments and messages




Configuring the bot




Business Photography session




Facebook Business Support

Activities carried out by Vessto Group in the field of running social media are characterized by an individual approach and high quality of service. Successful cooperation requires knowing the client’s expectations and goals. The above packages should be treated as demonstrative, because each order is different and involves a different scope of work that we adjust directly to the client. As part of the professional service of social media, we carry out a number of activities. The most important of them include:

Creation and update of fanpage

The first step after starting cooperation is to create a Facebook fanpage and configure it. If the company already has a fan page set up, it will be refreshed to make it look professional.

Graphic design project

Our graphic designers will make every post look attractive and attract the eye of the recipients. And when they see you, they write you so ... In graphic designs, we care about their consistency and preserve the character of the brand.

Public posts

We publish posts systematically at various time intervals, according to a pre-set schedule. We make sure that the communication carried out engages the recipients and engages them in interacting with the brand.

Moderation and customer service

We not only publish attractive content encouraging interaction, but also build lasting relationships with recipients by moderating the Facebook profile, responding to comments and messages.

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We are convinced about the effectiveness of our service. That is why our offer of website positioning does not require a long-term contract.

Marketing support is not everything.
We also provide other services:


This is another place where we create a bond with your target group - using personalized photos and hashtags.


Being present in social media can not do without professional photos of products, places, or people.

Graphic Subscription

If you're doing pretty well with social media, and need only support in creative graphic, we will offer you the support Graphics.

Do You Need a Facebook Ads?

Frequently asked questions - FAQ section

The number of entries depends on the package chosen, budget, and the number of hours we can devote to the service.

Yes, running a fanpage also includes creating graphic designs. Their amount and complexity depends on the plan chosen.

The budget is set individually depending on your goals. The goal may be sales, conversion, acquiring fans, likes, etc. The budget also depends on the geographical reach and popularity of the industry.

Yes, but this is not always the optimal solution. In justified cases, we set up and manage groups in social media.

The amount of time we can devote to individual projects depends on the selected package and your expectations and objectives.

We serve clients from all over the world, although most are based in the US. In the matter of foreign markets – we run FB dedicated to Polish-speaking users.

We will prepare statements containing the use of the budget and the goals achieved. We calculate the costs of achieving individual goals. The report may also contain non-standard profile data.

We use analytical tools, including Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager. Reporting tools, including Google Data Studio, graphical tools, including Corel, Photoshop and Illustrator, and more.

The publication plan is set together with the client and is accepted by the client at the beginning of the billing period. Depending on preferences, plans are created on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Depending on the client’s preferences, running a fanpage may include responding to comments. Agency SEO campaigns offering Internet marketing adjusts the scope of activities individually to the needs.

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