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Instagram undoubtedly gathers valuable audiences in many industries and turns out to be a great carrier of information.

Every year, the number of users is increasing, currently there are around 600 million of them worldwide!

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As an addition to Facebook activities, we also offer Instagram profile management – it’s the perfect complement to comprehensive social media activities. Especially, targeting the age group below 35, because they make up the majority of Instagram users.

We will make sure that your profile not only looks attractive, but also provides your target group with exactly the content it expects.

Post effectiveness

The posts we publish have attractive and engaging descriptions, properly selected hashtags and professional graphics. This causes your posts to be well received by your potential customers.

Increased engagement

We focus a lot on choosing the right hashtags, thanks to which posts reach the target group and are popular. Increasing engagement causes more interest in your company’s offer.

Building the brand image

A creative and professionally run Instagram account is a tool for building company images on the Internet. People are more willing to decide on products and services of companies that they know, observe and build relationships with customers.

Subscription plans

Instagram Support

Our Instagram accounts are distinguished by their visual attractiveness and creativity. We approach each order individually, thus ensuring high quality of service. When starting cooperation, we listen to the client’s expectations and the goals he wants to achieve. Professionally running a profile on Instagram, we perform a number of activities, which include, among others:

Creating and updating an account on IG

We start cooperation by creating an Instagram account and its configuration. If the brand already has an account set up, it will be refreshed and properly configured.

Graphic design project

The visual coherence of the photo grid on Instagram is one of the factors affecting the attractiveness of the profile and its reception by customers. By undertaking cooperation with us you gain professional graphic service, thanks to which your profile will gain a new glow.

Public posts

By creating a publication schedule, we ensure regularity of posts and constant communication with recipients. Our posts draw the recipients into interaction with the company and increase their involvement.

Moderation and customer service

We build relationships with customers and provide customer service at IG. We moderate our Instagram profiles. We provide contact with recipients, respond to comments and messages.

We will prepare the offer for you individually!

The profile on Instagram is managed in a very distinctive way. In order for these activities to be effective and bring benefits to your company, put them to professionals. We have several years of experience in running profiles in this social media channel.

Instagram at an express speed increases the number of active users. There are many industries for which it is an ideal tool that will directly translate into image building and sales.


Supervised profiles




Instagram is a medium that works great as a channel for brand promotion. Its biggest advantage is the large, unlimited organic ranges of posts. This means that the post will be displayed to any user who follows us. On Facebook, ranges are estimated at around 20%. Additionally, Instagram users are eager to use hashtags, which allows reaching new recipients with the post and constantly expanding the list of followers.

The character of Instagrama allows for greater freedom in building brand communication. The most important thing is to promote your products and services, but you can also place less official photos next to commercial posts. It is worth using Instagram to build an employer brand, presenting pictures of its employees both during work and during integration meetings or trainings.



Well-chosen hashtags, popular among users, increase the reach of posts. On the other hand, you can obtain unofficial brand ambassadors by creating your own company hashtag and encouraging users to publish their photos with this hashtag. Thus, the material associated with our brand appears not only on our profile, but on hundreds of profiles throughout the site. Such an action usually requires support in the form of paid advertisements, but it can be an effective tool for building a large group of recipients.

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We are convinced about the effectiveness of our service. That is why our offer of website positioning does not require a long-term contract.

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We also provide other services:


We build the image and brand recognition, define the target group and direct to it various entries, as well as create a strategy and configure advertising.


Being present in social media can not do without professional photos of products, places, or people.

Graphic Subscription

If you're doing pretty well with social media, and need only support in creative graphic, we will offer you the support Graphics.

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