A professional business image for individuals, i.e. a photo for CV and other professional applications

Our specialty is business photography, or a photo session ideally suited to the image needs of the photographed person. The aim is image images emphasizing the personality and charisma of the portrayed person. If we want to gain the trust of our clients, we can not remain anonymous. Corporate website, Linkedin, CV – your professional image counts everywhere.

We help create a professional image for the heads of large corporations, but we also work for individuals and sole proprietorships. If you run your business, you probably already know that you need business photos for yourself. During three hours of the session – you will get photos that will support your image and personal brand for the next 3 years.

The “professional image” session takes place in our studio. It is intended for all who need photos for professional purposes – for a website, press releases, photos for a resume, intranet or LinkedIn.

Our professionalism is not only punctuality and timeliness, but also good and precise communication with you. It is knowledge about how to take a photo that makes the right impression on your clients, on recruiters. We can take care of a good atmosphere and we know how to get natural in a portrait. We will make you feel at ease, and your body language will be consistent and unambiguous. We will emphasize good character traits and competences. No time pressure. We are always helped by a good make-up artist who also arranges her hair and takes care of the appearance of her clothes.

If we want to gain the trust of our clients, we should not remain anonymous

Although we do not always notice this, in making our choices we are not only guided by a cold calculation, but also non-substantive issues – purely human, such as the friendly image of people who create a company. People prefer to know who is on the other side, who they do business with and whether they can trust us. Of course, in order for business portraits to have a positive effect, they must be done professionally.

The “professional image” session takes place in our studio. It is intended for all who need photos for professional purposes – for a website, press releases, CV, intranet or LinkedIn. It has its limitations that result from the adopted standard and the reduction of costs, but also the passion for minimalism – white / gray background, frame from the waist up, and payment in cash.


We want to take part in it, ask for costs

From the offer to the prepared graphic material

How we work for individuals - professional image

If you send us an inquiry, you will receive a quote from the “professional image” session and available dates within 24 hours. We will ask you what you do and determine what competencies are worth emphasizing in your business portrait
Once you get us involved in your project …

On the day of the session, we will be waiting for you with the coffee expresso in readiness. We set the lighting of the set, simple – and the most beneficial for you. There is always a make-up artist with us who also takes care of hair and the appearance of clothes. There is no time pressure, no stylization limit – so take a lot of clothes. Naturalness of the portrayed – it is really our product – we sell naturalness and honesty that supports your business. Do not take our word for it – see this naturalness in our business photos.

During the session, over 500 photos will be created – it is much too much to choose something from them without the help of photo management tools that we have at our disposal. Therefore, although all photos from the session always belong to the client – we will make the initial selection together – selecting about 20% of the best. Selected photos from the session will be available on the day of the session. Now you have a few days to choose 10 photos that we will prepare graphically

Contemporary professional photography does not actually exist without computer photo processing – and business photos are no exception. When you send us the numbers of images selected for processing, thanks to the skillful treatments in the Lightroom and Photoshop, the photos will get the final atmosphere. We correct the outline of the figure, remove unnecessary elements of the composition, “iron the clothes”, and improve the complexion. We are natural. We need a week to process selected photos.

Along with the transfer of the prepared photos you get full copyright to use them in all fields (with the exception of advertising, which requires a separate license), without time and territorial restrictions. Thanks to them press publications, websites, folders, catalogs, or your CV – they will gain a lot. First of all, it will gain your good image in business. We will store your photos and if you ever lost them – we will have them.

After the whole process, which if you quickly choose your photos – it may take 8 days, we issue an invoice with a 14-day payment period.

Image determines our functioning in the environment and it is both a private person, a politician and an enterprise.

What it comes from? From sympathy and antipathy that are derived from the image. If someone has a good image it means that he is liked, his activity meets with approval, and his attitude and opinions are not only appreciated, but they can also be seen as role models. These are the reasons why image issues are so important. For the entrepreneur, good perception is the basis of functioning. Only having a good image, which is the result of high quality of services or products delivered, correct relations with the environment and compliance of activities with commonly accepted standards, he is able to achieve business success.


Photo to CV - the meaning of the "first impression"

Most people will first see you on the picture – in Linkedin, company website, photo in footer of email, CV, or press publication. The features that will be assigned to the person in the first contact, significantly affect the perception of this person in the further stage of the relationship. This is scientifically proven, so-called the effect of a halo, that is, assigning further personality traits only on the basis of this first impression. The first impression is mainly affected by how you present yourself in photography. You are not able to impress your knowledge, culture or smartness with others. Later. In order for you to be positively received by another person who sees you for the first time, you must first and foremost inspire confidence in your appearance. And in this we can help.

Professional business photo - what is the needs of an individual client?

Before the session, it is necessary to determine what photos the client expects, what their purpose is, and what image effects their publication will bring – what we communicate and who will be the recipient of our message?

Contrary to what you can see very often under the slogan “business photography” – this should not be a picture of offended people with folded hands.

Professional photos for CV or LinkedIn

  • we have experience of business and corporate photos, photos for CV, and Linkedin,
  • within 3 hours of the session – you will get photos that will support your image and personal brand for the next 3 years,
  • we make a professional and perfectly matched to the person and nature of the make-up photos,
  • we know how to obtain naturalness and friendly emotions expressed by attitude, gestures and facial expressions in business photographs,
  • we improve the appearance of clothes and hair, we see the details that determine the perfection and content of the message that your portrait carries.

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