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WordPress administration

Our offer includes a comprehensive package of services related to the administration of websites and online stores based on WordPress. The scope of work includes activities related to day-to-day administration, security, functional development, changes in the size and appearance of the website. Get to know our WordPress site administration packages.


Website administration


WordPress security


technical support

Website administration packages

The administration of the WordPress website includes technical work related to security, updates, backups, changes related to the development of websites or the introduction of new content, adding entries.




How does the website support and administration work?

Our team is at your disposal. Depending on the selected version of the package, you will receive a certain number of hours within which we will perform work related to your website. It can be a programmer’s work, graphics, UX / UI support, introduction of new content, SEO optimization, as well as Helpdesk support.

Site development

We will carry out work related to the expansion of your website. It can be a programmer’s work on new features, introducing new content, SEO optimization, as well as graphics work related to changes on the site.

WordPress updates

WordPress and plugins need to be updated for security reasons or new features. We make sure that every update proceeds safely without affecting the functioning website. We also take care to test the correct operation of the site after the update and ensure that any defects are removed.


Good practices require protection in case of various problems, and one of the safest solutions is to have constantly updated copies of the site in a place independent of the hosting provider, available immediately, even in the event of a major failure of the currently used server.

WordPress security

Security monitoring is particularly important for parties with business functions. As part of the packages, we offer additional security measures that increase the level of WordPress security, monitor the website, make necessary updates.


We will answer all your questions related to WordPress support.


We will help you understand what is happening on the site. What is the visit, how users navigate the site and what they are looking for. We will help you learn from the data provided in Google’s statistics, and provide reports summarizing the activities on the site.

WordPress website administration – contains minimum prices for the administration of a website or other service. Prices The administration of the WordPress website is indicative and does not constitute a commercial offer. All pricing administration WordPress website and other services are made individually based on the specification of the website and the assumption of the project.

We will repair, modify, improve your WordPress!

  • Installation and configuration of the plugin from $45
  • WordPress repair (white screen, errors, no login option, etc.) from $120
  • Performance optimization (analysis of vulnerabilities along with their optimization) from $250
  • Comprehensive updates (once) from $100
  • Comprehensive audit (security, SEO basics, performance, usability) from $250
  • Consultation (1 hour, telephone or skype)  $100
  • Other services – individual valuation



Are you planning redesign website for your business? See our web design offer or contact us regarding your project based on the WordPress system.

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